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Please contact us if you are interested in finding out out more information about the group and how to help   Email: 

Contacting the Paediatric Diabetes Team


Urgent/or Out Of Hours Contact

Please contact swithboard on - 01392 411611 and ask to radio page the Paediatric Diabetes Nurse. Between 08.00hrs and 20.00hrs 7 days a week.

Between the hours of: 20.00hrs - 08.00hrs please contact the switchboard on 01392 411611 and ask to speak to the Paediatric Registrar (Senior Doctor) or Consultant on call for Bramble Paediatric Unit


Committee for SnackPack
(Children’s Diabetes Group)


Dr Marie McAdams



Mrs Janet Webber  

Vice Chair

Mrs Pamela Bines


Mr Chris Southwell 


Committee Members

Mrs Alison Betts 

Phil Bines 

Maggie Tamblin

Andy  Hartley


This is part of our committee trying to work out what next for SnackPack

 The Committee 2010-2011

Tony, Tammy, Julia, Sally, Alison, Janet, Val and Ellen

Our Junior Committee

We are the Junior Committee and our aim is to represent the children at SnackPack, and to give advice where we can and suggest ideas on outings, and ways to share experiences with other diabetics. 



Amy  Jo 
Peter Caroline 

Junior Comm

From left to right: Dan, Amy, Peter, Chloe and Katie


If you would like to part of the Committee feel free to contact me for more details. Marie